PRESSURE FEST 2009 - Line-Up No. 1 komplett



Das Line-Up für das erste Pressure Fest in Essen ist komplett. Her we go:

Betrayed (US)
Black Friday '29 (DE) *NEW*
Bun Dem Out (UK)
Cheap Thrills (DE)
Coalesce (US - early show) *NEW*
Dead Vows (SWE)
Death Threat (US)
Have Heart (US)
xKingdomx (US)
The Mongoloids (US)
Nasty (DE / BE) *NEW*
New Morality (NE)
Ninebar (UK)
No Turning Back (NE)
xRepresentx (US)
Rise and Fall (BE)
Shattered Realm (US - exclusive Euroshow)
Shipwreck AD (US)
Special Move (UK) *NEW*
Strength for a Reason (US)
Suffer the Living (US)