PRESS CLUB - neuer Videoclip online



PRESS CLUB stellen zu ihrer Single "Thinking About You" einene Videoclip vor, in dem Frontfrau Natalie Foster sich ihren Erfahrungen mit einem Stalker stellt. Mit ihrem neuen Album "Wasted Energy", das am 16. August auf Hassle Records erscheint, kommt die Punk/Indieband zudem im Herbst auf Tour
Gitarrist Greg Rietwyk kommentiert den Entstehungsprozess des Videoclips wie folgt:
"The idea for the Thinking About You video clip came to me as we touched down from a 20 plus hour transit home from our first European tour in May this year. I pictured a surreal retelling of the story of a stalking stranger that is told within the song lyrics, with Nat being tormented by masked freaks. We enlisted the help of our good friend and filmmaker Gina Somfleth from Popcandi productions. We are all massive fans of Gina's keen eye for cinematography.
The entire clip was shot on location at Nat's parents farm outside of Ballarat in North Western Victoria. We particularly enjoyed being able to feed our inner pyromaniacs in what was to become the climax of the film. We've thrown a few DIY festivals at the farm where it was shot so the location holds a special place in our collective hearts."
10.09.2019:  Haldern - Haldern Pop Bar
11.09.2019: Köln - Sonic Ballroom
12.09.2019: Karlsruhe - Alte Hackerei
14.09.2019: München - Strom 
19.09. / 20.09.: Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival