PRESS TO MECO - stellen neue Single "Easy Life" vor



PRESS TO MECO aus Crawley/Croydon veroeffentlichen einen neuen Song namens "Easy Life", der unten im Stream zu finden ist. Der Titel ist ab sofort via Marshall Records zu haben und enstand zusammen mit Produzent Richard Craker (DAGNY,  Liam Gallagher) und Engineer Shane Edwards (Trophy Eyes, The Libertines). Die Band kommentiert:


"'Easy Life' was the first song we’d written after the ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ album, at a pretty low point for all of us. The song talks about becoming disillusioned with the dream you’re pursuing and second-guessing the path you’re on. I liked the idea of comparing the dream to a bad relationship which you know you should give up on, but can’t bring yourself to leave. Obviously, working in the music industry comes with a lot of self-doubt and stress about whether you’ll become successful or not. This song was a good opportunity to vent about this and describe how these feelings can get to you after some time. That being said, 'Easy Life' is one of my favourite things we’ve written to date and serves as a good reminder of how fulfilling writing and performing your own music can be. We worked with our talented friend Richard Craker as the producer who we also worked with on the acoustic EP released earlier this year. It’s a great creative relationship we have with him and one we’re hoping to build on in the future"