PROPAGANDHI haben in einem Statement erste Details zu dem nächsten Album der Band verlauten lassen. Hier das Statement:

"So last night I went over at Kowalski’s own private sewage treatment plant to hear the new tunes he’s been working on, and felt I should forewarn anybody within a 1000 mile radius that owns a barn to make sure they completely soak it with firehoses and keep it that way for the next little while or else you might wake up one morning and it will be nothing more than a smoldering pile of cinders. Not to be outdone, The Beaver has also blinded me with his own brand of science in recent weeks, including rollicking numbers tentatively titled Van Halen’s Pants and Hot Snack! On top of it all, our resident freak Jordy-Boy returns from his pilgrimage to Habana next Tuesday and we get down to the business of turning these fanciful dreams into full-blow aural NIGHTMARES. Watch your back!I promise a SEVERE bludgeoning on our next record and at least one new song appearing in our set on these forthcoming prairie dates with GFK. Mangez nous!"