PUNK ROCK BOWLING - Line Up komplett



Das diesjaehrige und neunzehnte PUNK ROCK BOWLING findet vom 27. bis 29. Mai in Las Vegas statt. Neben BAD RELIGION und IGGY POP wurden nun auch ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES sowie FIDLAR und OFF! fuer die Sause bestaetigt. Anbei alle Details zum Festival. Tickets gibt es HIER im Vorverkauf, Hotelangebote hingegen sind HIER einzusehen. PRB-Mitbegruender Mark Stern (YOUTH BRIGADE, BYO RECORDS) erklaert:
“My brother Shawn and I started this thing as a party with our friends in the punk scene: Bands, independent labels, fanzines, college radio, the whole underground punk community that lived and thrived on its own,” Stern explains. “It was a celebration of the underdogs doing what we wanted and not compromising. It’s been growing every year since, and more shows were happening around Vegas during that weekend, so we decided to turn it into a festival and move the whole thing downtown, allowing the music to become more of a centerpiece.”

May 27-29, 2017
Downtown Las Vegas Event Center

Iggy Pop
Bad Religion
Cock Sparrer (UK)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Choking Victim
The Adicts
Bouncing Souls
Discharge (UK)
The Spits
The Dickies
The Interrupters
The Real McKenzies
Booze & Glory (UK)
Plague Vendor
Lions Law (France)
Drug Church
WolfPack (Australia)
Lost In Society
Mobina Galore (Canada)
Ten Can Riot
Roadside Bombs
New Trends (Australia)
The Quitters
Venomous Pinks