Die britischen Emorocker PUSHING DAISIES melden sich mit einer neuen EP zurueck. "Take Me Back To The Light" erscheint am 7. Mai und enthaelt siebe neue Songs. Der Nachfolger zur 2016er 'Stay Sad' EP (Homebird Records) wurde in den Lower Lane Studios von Sam Bloor produziert - anbei gibt es mit "Picture Frame" einen ersten Song der Platte zu hoeren. Zum Release erklaert Frontmann Bert Martinez-Cowles:

""Take Me Back To The Light" has been in the works for a long time. Over the past 2 years, we’ve all been through a lot of tough times, had our issues and grievances, members of our families have passed and we've had our own struggles with mental health. Being able to sculpt all of these into songs has been our release from negativity within ourselves.


We’ve never publicly spoken about these issues but being able to see such a positive response to 'Picture Frame' shows that what we are singing about is real and relatable and everyone has their own battles to overcome."