Queers (Ex)Tourdrummer angepisst



Anfang des Monats haben sich die Wege von Tourdrummer Andrew Griswold (THE DANGERFIELDS) und THE QUEERS für die anstehende Europatour getrennt. Scheinbar verlief der Split alles andere als freundschaftlich. Hier das Statement der DANGERFIELDS Website:

"Andrew Griswold has been sacked by The Queers after just eight UK shows. Joe Queer and his booking agents Blah, Blah, Blah Tours wanted The Dangerfields off the tour from day one and Andy was not prepared to sit back and watch his band get fucked in the ass.

After much bickering and bullshit, The Queers have flown in former drummer Dave Trevino to take Andy's place. Under the circumstances, The Dangerfields feel we cannot continue with the tour. We are left without transport, money and equipment and our principles mean more to us than sucking Joe Queer's corporate cock."

Von den QUEERS gab es noch keine Statement hierzu.