REWS - Video zu "Today, We Are Warriros"



Das neue REWS Album "Warriors" erscheint am 7. August via Better Noise Music. Anbei stellt die Band um Frontfrau Shauna Tohill einen Videoclip zum titelgebenden Song vor. Tohill kommentiert

“Today were warriors - the song exclaims exactly what the name suggests!  Every morning we wake up, we have a choice in what kind of journey we will lead.  There are dark days where our path is unclear and blocked (some more than others) and that’s when I want to encourage everyone to keep fighting forward, to gather together in the spirit of music with those who are good in your life, to support and respect each other! 
TODAY, we got this, we will get through this and we will keep moving forward to see a better, positive, thriving and equal future for all women, men, children from all races and backgrounds. Today, we’re warriors!”