REWS - stellen neue Single "Birdsong" vor



Mit "Birdsong" stellt die irische Grunge/Alternativeband REWS einen ersten neuen Song vor. Zuletzt hatte die Band um Frontfrau Shauna 2018 "Can You Feel It?" veroeffentlicht. 

Zur neuen Single sagen REWS:
“Birdsong marks a start of a brand-new chapter for Rews!  Its darker, heavier & the sound that fills my bones with joy! Birdsong is all about the journey we take from grief to regaining your strength and eventually healing from something that we perhaps allowed to capture the best version of ourselves.   Life should be spent with people who draw the magic out of you. We have to break free from negativity, let our hearts heal & be the only person we can be: ourselves!”