RUINER - Gitarrist verlässt die Band



RUINER haben sich von ihrem Gitarristen Mitch Roemer getrennt und Ersatz in Dustin Thornton gefunden. Lest das Statement der Band auf der MySpace-Seite:

"Well, after a month of training a fill-in guitarist we slowly began to realize we were training a replacement. We came to the conclusion that it was best for the band if Mitch Roemer parted ways with Ruiner. We can't say there are no hard feelings because of regardless how professional you wish to make something that's just how it happens. Mitch, we are sure will go on to do many other bands so we doubt strongly he will vanish off the face of the planet. We wish him all the best in his future efforts.
Mr. Roemer will be replaced by Dustin Thornton, also of Counting The Days (who will be joining us in Europe this summer). Dustin has been our roadie and our friend for a very long time. It only made sense to us that he join the band. We are very excited about having Dustin in Ruiner and feel it will mark a new era for the band. We will be attempting to write/release a new EP this summer and begin work on another LP at the end of the year with Thornton."