Roadrunner signen SANCITY



Hier das Label Statement:
2Mit Stolz verkünden wir das Signing des Metal-Quartetts Sanctity aus Asheville, North Carolina. Die Band wurde im Jahre 2000 gegründet und besteht aus Jared MacEachern (Gesang/Rhythmusgitarre), Zeff Childress (Leadgitarre), Billy Moody (Bass) und Jeremy London (Schlagzeug).

Sanctity wurden von Roadrunner A&R Legende Monte Conner verpflichtet, der schon Metalbands wie Sepultura, Slipknot oder Trivium entdeckte. Conner: "Sanctity is straight-up, guitar-based, melodic heavy metal. I received a video of the band's song 'Zeppo,' and besides showcasing the blazing fretwork of lead shredder, Zeff, the main thing I got from the video was a sense of how of much a star the vocalist (Jared) really is. He knows how to command a stage and has an overwhelming presence. The minute I saw Jared in action, I knew I had to sign the band. Of equal importance, he's got an amazing vocal range and a fresh style compared to what's out there today."

Conners Interesse wurde geweckt, als er zwei Demos hörte, die die Band kürzlich mit Produzent Jason Suecof in den Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida (Trivium, God Forbid) aufgenommen hatte. Die Band packte den Stier bei den Hörnern und machte den Deal perfekt indem sie Conner ein selbstfinanziertes uns selbstproduziertes Video zu "Zeppo" schickten, dem Lieblingssong der Fans.

Was das Video betrifft, meint Jared: "Our director Ramon Boutviseth knew of this abandoned prison that was built in the 1930's. It was really dusty in there, not to mention the fact that everything had been originally painted with lead paint, which was now hanging off the ceilings and walls like dead skin after a sunburn. One of the best things about the shoot was the fact that it was an experiment for us and Ramon - none of us having ever shot a video before. We all think it turned out great, but what wasn't so great was the fact that we were all sick for a couple weeks afterward...

'Zeppo' is a song that we wrote a number of years ago and even after our last session in the studio, we still felt it was one of our strongest songs. The title 'Zeppo' is a little obscure, but we feel it fits. It comes from a TV show we were watching, where one of the characters says he feels like a Zeppo, meaning Zeppo Marx, the only Marx Brother who never did anything. In the show, this character ends up saving the day. In a way, I guess it's one of those songs about being the underdog. Both the song and the video are indicative of what it's like for us to completely immerse ourselves in Sanctity and our efforts to be heard.

We're all really excited about joining the Roadrunner family, and look forward to jumping right into the thick of it," sagt Jared. "It was a long road getting here but we couldn't ask for better people to work with. We look forward to making a record that will explode some heads out there!""

Unter könnt ihr euch den MP3 und das Video zu "Zeppo" downloaden.