SAD PLANETS - Video zu "Just Landed"



SAD PLANETS sind John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Sweet Appel, Death of Samantha) und Patrick Carney (Black Keys). Die Band veroeffenlicht ihr Debütalbum "Akron, Ohio" am 19. April auf Tee Pee Records und stellt anbei den Song "Just Landed" mit J Mascis an der Leadgitarre inklusive Videoclip vor.

Petkovic kommentiert:

“J grabbed my guitar and just started playing along so we hit record. It sums up the entire process… I would come up with chords and songs on the spot.

Patrick asked if I wanted to come to Akron to jam with him in the studio. I saw it as a chance to work with a longtime friend, but also an opportunity to reconnect with Akron in a very different way.”