SAMIAM Album Update, Release im September



Folgendes hat Sergie von SAMIAM zu berichten:
"Hi, this is Sergie from Samiam, with a few words about our band.
As you may know, since our last Burning Heart release (Astray in 2000), our band did this ambiguous hiatus slash break up thing. Why? Well, we would need more bandwidth than is currently available to this site to properly explain. Suffice to say, we had been around for many years and with the departure of James Brogan (the former other guitarist) and a million of tiny reasons, it was the right thing to do.

Some of you might have been confused as in the following five years, we toured Europe 3 times...but that is because we love this band and when we were asked, it was impossible to say no. Yet, until the end of 2005, if you asked me, we were definitely broken up. I was doing another band called Solea and Sean was doing a local New York band called The Fakers. But, I can't stress enough that we were all still chums. Then, after a really great European tour mid-last year...the idea of doing a new record surfaced. Personally, I wasn't terribly into the idea because I was about to start a Solea album...but when Solea went on the fritz, I reluctantly concented to try.

Basically, I would never want to put a new record unless it was on par with the previous I started this with some skepticism. To be honest our first rehearsals weren't that great..the initial batch of songs weren't that good and the first bassist we tried didn't gel (Sean has moved to be 2nd guitarst so that we are a 5-piece once more). But in January, we got our new bassist, Jeremy Bergo and everything came together: we are sounding really good and have settled on 16 songs that I honestly think are great. So what is going on now? We have done 4 week-long sessions of preproduction and in the end of April we are getting together for a final rehearsal session and starting basic tracking on may 1st. Hopefully our record will be out in September (on Burning Heart in Europe of course) and we will be rocking your metropolis, city or village this fall."