SAVES THE DAY - kuendigen neues Album fuer den 26. Oktober an



Die Emorockhelden von SAVES THE DAY kuendigen ihr erstes Album seit fuenf Jahren an. Mit “Rendezvous" stellt die Band unten einen ersten Song von "9", dem neunten Studioalbum vor, welches am 26. Oktober via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records erscheint. Frontmann
Chris Conley kommentiert “Rendezvous” wie folgt:

"This album is the story of Saves The Day and my own personal journey through life, which all unfolded as my relationship with music progressed. 
By Rendezvous, I’ve gone through all the reflecting and growing and come to a place where I’m so grateful and so satisfied and living the life I want to live. I was just a kid that got lucky and I got pulled into this amazing dream. And it’s still going.