SCARRED BY BEAUTY - geben Auflösung bekannt



Die Dänen von SCARRED BY BEAUTY haben die Auflösung ihrer Band bekannt gegeben. In einem Statement auf ihrer Facebook-Seite heißt es:

Dear friends

Some of you might have heard rumors about us stopping. It is no news that we’ve been off the grid for a while - of course this has its reasons. We are going to briefly describe what has been going on with SCARRED BY BEAUTY and why.

First of all, we feel that the time has come to say goodbye to SBB. It has been long and beautiful adventure for us with ups and downs. For each of us we have been lucky enough to grow with the band and explore the world while learning about each other and ourselves.

It is sad, but also the right thing to make the decision that SCARRED BY BEAUTY is no more.

The reasons for us calling it quits are many – the most important reason though is that the passion and energy to keep SBB afloat has faded. We have over the years dealt with many obstacles, most of them we have been able to overcome, but some we never managed to. For us it proved impossible to stay in consensus about the band and that in turn left us unable to act in the end. We all agreed that the spirit that kept us going is gone and that we have to let SBB go.

It is time for us to venture down new roads and find new things to enrich our lives. SCARRED BY BEAUTY was something that gave us hope and made us proud. It was a great adventure, and one that we hope that every one of you enjoyed just half us much as we did.

THANK YOU, to everyone who took part, helped us, came out to shows, took our music to heart and gave a damn about us giving a damn. To all of you who listened to our music and still do, please accept our deepest gratitude. Words do not suffice to express the warm feelings and memories we have for each and everyone that somehow got involved with SBB. Therefore we’ll leave it at this.

Yours truly,