SCAR SYMMETRY - Neues Album fertig



Im Juni soll das neue Album 'Holographic Universe' der Melodic Deather SCAR SYMMETRY über Nuclear Blast erscheinen. Dazu postete die Band folgendes Statement:

"We're happy to announce that our third CD, 'Holographic Universe', has now been mixed, mastered and delivered to the people at Nuclear Blast Records! We pushed the 'record' button for the first time early December and the time since has been hectic and intense to say the least. We've worked our asses off 24/7 and the result is 12 new songs, featuring all the creamy goodness of 'Symmetric In Design' and the spicy flavours of 'Pitch Black Progress', this time with a lot of added cheese and pork-fat... Does it make sense to you? No, not to us either."

Hier die Tracklist von "Holographic Universe":

01. Morphogenesis (3:54)
02. Timewave Zero (5:13)
03. Quantumleaper (4:09)
04. Artificial Sun Projection (4:00)
05. The Missing Coordinates (4:37)
06. Ghost Prototype I (Measurement of Thought) (4:35)
07. Fear Catalyst (5:03)
08. Trapezoid (4:17)
09. Prism and Gate (3:46)
10. Holographic Universe (9:05)
11. The Three-Dimensional Shadow (3:57)
12. Ghost Prototype II (Deus Ex Machina) (6:03)

The CD is tentatively scheduled for release in June.