SEAWAY - neues Album im Oktober



Die Kanadier von SEAWAY kuendigen ihr neues Album an. "Big Vibe" erscheint am 16. Oktober via Pure Noise Records, anbei stellt die Poppunkband mit dem Titelsong bereits einen ersten Eindruck im Stream vor. Die Band zum Release: 

We can’t wait to introduce the new era of Seaway. Big Vibe is the record we have been working towards our entire careers. For this record we threw away usual conventions of the scene and genre and just made the record we always wanted to make. As usual for Seaway, it is a dynamic collection of sound and inspiration that bleeds through from track to track. 'Big Vibe' is a feeling that doesn’t let up throughout the entire record, and we hope you feel it in your entire body.

As the title track of our new record, we believe ‘Big Vibe’ is the most encompassing track on the album, as well as most representative of where Seaway is at this point in our career. Inspired by 80’s Power Pop, lyrically this song continues what Seaway has been known for, while musically pushing us to new dimensions. It’s got a windows down, volume up feel that is omnipresent throughout the whole record"