SEAWAY - zweite Vorabsingle von "Big Vibe"



Die kanadischen Poppunks von SEAWAY stellen mit “Wild Things” einen zweiten Vorabsong ihres kommenden Albums "Big Vibe" vor. Die Platte erscheint am 16. Oktober via Pure Noise Records. Frontmann Ryan Locke: 

"Going into writing Wild Things we knew that this song would lean more heavily on the indie pop influences. It came together a bit later in the process, I think with a song like this it had to breathe a bit so we could figure out where it was going to go"

Gitarrist Andrew Eichinger fuegt hinzu:

It’s probably a cliché to say this but I think this is the record we’ve always wanted to make. Because before, we always had in the back of our minds a thought about what people wanted to hear. This time, we just thought we’d write a bunch of songs and see how they came out. Honestly, we just did whatever the hell we wanted"