SETTLE - Neuer Song online



Epitaph Signing SETTLE hat mit "I Saw An Inferno Once" einen neue Song online gestellt. Ihr findet ihn HIER.

Das Lebeldebüt "At Home We Are Tourists" erscheint am 19. Mai.

1. Grand Marshall's Mooncloth Robes
2. Naked At A Family Function
3. Rite Of Passage
4. ISO: 40yr M W/Kids Seeks 26yr F WO/Kids
5. Affinity For My Hometown
6. I Saw An Inferno Once
7. Murder
8. Sunday, Morning After
9. On the Prowl
10. Kick. Win!
11. Dance Rock Is The New Pasture
12. Into The Mind Of Those Who Commit
Desperate Acts While Under The Influence Of Others