SEVENTH STAR aufgelöst



Facedown Act SEVENTH STAR hat sich nach fast 9 Jahren Bandgeschichte aufgelöst. Hier das Statement der Band:

"We feel it’s our time to move on. The main reason is different levels of dedication within the members. We are no longer all on the same page with how much of our lives are to be spent on the band. Some are personal reasons, others not. We feel we would rather go out on top than to fizzle out. We’ve always tried to give 100% in what we do. We’ve never been about the status, popularity, money or whatever passing trend is going around. We strived to play the music we wanted to and never back down from our message to speak to the Hardcore community about our Savior, Jesus Christ and God’s Grace. We’ve sacrificed time, money, relationships and college all because we believed in this. Sometimes it’s been trying, but always been where we wanted to be. At this point in time we can’t give 100% to the band and we are called to other areas of our life.

We are playing a few final shows hitting some spots in Florida in January, playing one last show in Ocala, flying to our second home of Las Vegas, NV and playing our final show at this year’s Facedown Fest. Our original members Mike Whitaker and Shawn Douglas will be joining us to end the band.

We want to thank Jason and everyone at Facedown Records for believing in us. We also want to thank all the bands we have toured with and everyone who has ever supported us in any way. You know who you are."