SHADOWS FALL melden sich aus dem Studio



Shadows Fall sind derzeit im Studio, um ihr Album einzuspielen, welches dann auf Atlantic Records herauskommt. Hier das Statement von Jason Bittner:

"Well everyone, as of 2 weeks ago we started pre-production for our new album with our producer Nick Raskulinecz. He flew out from LA on a Monday evening, and by Tuesday afternoon we were in our rehearsal room slowly dissecting all of the material that we currently have written for our Atlantic debut.

First off, I think everyone was impressed......... Nick was pretty stoked with our material and ambitions, and the band was extremely excited and impressed by Nick's ideas, let alone his never-ending enthusiasm!!! We put a solid 6 hours in the 1st day just jamming and revamping. Later on that night brought a well-deserved evening at the bar discussing what we would do once we got in the studio.

Day 2 brought the seeds for 2 more new songs, as well as a day of actually demoing the tunes for the first time in their new forms. At this point everyone was shot, so we all decided to be smart, stay in and get some rest.

Day 3 brought another new song to the table....................Matt, Jon, and Paul had a wedding to go to so we ended early, I went home to NY and Brian and Nick worked on vox for the rest of the day.

The last day, I was informed that it was going to be a vocal day only, so I stayed home to rest my arm which at this point was hamburger (Damn tendonitis!!)!! At the end of the day, Brian had a good 7 tunes demoed out vocally with some great new ideas, and Nick got on a flight back to LA.

All in all, we had a great 1st run...................we can't stop talking about how much we think Nick is helping to add some more dimension to this band that we never thought existed...................but don't start worrying yet, we're not cutting our hair and selling out, this record is still going to be heavy as hell!!!

Reporting to you as I head of to Germany to play some drums"