SHARKS IN YOUR MOUTH - Video zu "Marked"



Mit "Marked" stellen die Italiener von SHARKS IN YOUR MOUTH eine zweite Vorabsingle ihres neuen Albums vor, welches im naechsten Jahr erscheinen soll. Anbei gibt es den Clip der Metalcoreband im Stream - SHARKS IN YOUR MOUTH dazu:

"Our new single 'Marked' talks about physical and mental abuses. We wrote this song after listening to the sad story of one of our supporters. We like to keep in touch and take care of our fans. Everyday. On our socials and at our gigs as well, everyone is welcome to our merch table. We are recording our next album and it will be surely released under a record label, but before this, we wanted to know how far we can go without managements and labels. In the last months our fanbase has become solid and we can’t be happier for the huge feedback and love we are receiving. We want to give it back, and we think that the best way is by releasing something truly authentic. We are creating a support group on our Facebook called 'Covenant Community', a virtual place where we motivate, laugh, talk about music and every kind of other topics. Once you listen to Sharks In Your Mouth, you’re not alone anymore, five brothers got your back now, so...Join The Covenant!"