SINCE THE FLOOD - Sänger verlässt Band



SINCE THE FLOOD Sänger Chuck Bouley hat sich freundschaftlich von der Band getrennt. Gemäß der Band, "Chuck has decided that the touring life is not for him. We love him and wish him the best, and STF will never be quite the same without him."

Aktuell befindet sich die Band auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Ersatz:

"We're not quite ready to hang it up, as we have a great label, booking agent, and some serious tours scheduled. With that all said, you all know what we sound like and anyone who has seen us live knows that we demand an energetic pressence on stage. If you feel like you can fill Chuck's massive shoes, we'd like to hear from you. Here's the deal; we'll be home June 3rd and or 4th to hold auditions in Western MA. If you want to try out, you'll have to make your way there on your own or come up with some way to try out another way. You'll have to prepare two songs, "Valor and Vengeance," and "Gone Tomorrow" and have them down perfectly. You know what Chuck sounds like. Don't bother if you sound like Lord Worm. We leave for tour no later than the 7th of June and will be back no sooner than July 17th. Things are still up in the air and the tour will more than likely get extended as far as August. You have to be available for this time period plus almost endless touring in the future. We're all easy going and hardworking. We expect the same from you. We'll make exceptions to any of these rules if you're the right guy for the job. Just email us."