SINK OR SWIM - Autopanne



Auf dem Weg von einer Show in Amsterdam zurüch nach Deutschland hatten SINK OR SWIM folgende Probleme mit ihrem Auto:

we're finally back from the netherlands...
we played amsterdam on sunday
it was such a nice show - even we got no gas money as -
sadly only a few kids showed up and BOAF cancelled
but we met cool guys in confronto and eye of judgement -
got awesome food and had fun with our brothers in DIE YOUNG
ok this is one side... the other side is:

on our way home or better to say 2 roads far from the venue
there was a malfunction at the was impossible to shift in gear 2 and 4 and the engine made a strange sound
so we decided to stop and call the rest of us(we were traveling in 2 cars with friends) they came back and we decided to get in touch with our roadside assistance they wanted to send us an dutch road service.

as they told us that it may takes 2 hours or more +150€ to come out
we decided -cuz the car is still ridable in gear 1,3,5- to buy a towrope for
the case that it breaks down and drive back home.

brilliant idea? mhm no...after 2 kilometers the engine totally passed away haha
it was spraying sparks, it reeked and smelled obnoxious
ok bad luck! we pushed the car off the intersection and
started plan B "the towrope" as we noticed that the towing lug is missing
we attached the rope at the front of the coachwork
and continued... back on the main road - as we turned out of an small lane -
I said :....imagine! the whole body-work would tear off.

ok, you know what happend 2 seconds later...we were sick to the back teeth
we called the insurance and they send an breakdown man called PETER,
5 of 8 went home in the other car - Alex, Thorsten and me had to stay there.

after 2 hours in the cold peter arrived and towed our car.

we killed some hours in the city and joined the nightlife of amsterdam, had some badass falafels and spend the night like rockstars in a hotel ;-)

nice stagedives from bed to bed, pillow fight and a messed up room, funny television but no vegan breakfast... nothing! so we drank liters of juice,coffee and tea the totally insane Thorsten drank 5 cups of black tea and exhausted the whole sugar haha

hopefully the insurance will pay for the hotel like they promised

we passed the whole day at the central station
spend 30€ for fucking phonecalls and finally catched an intercityexpress straight to duisburg

so now there is a mountain of money debts
which will grow when we get the bill from the car-workshop
and maybe we need to buy a new car...

thanx to sören,kati and flo for showing up and supporting us
you know who you are!

take care
sven or swim