SINK THE SHIP - Video zu "Everything" feat. Levi Benton veröffentlicht



SINK THE SHIP haben ein neues Video zu "Everything" veröffentlicht. Unterstützt wird die Band, die am 27. April 2018 ihr Debütalbum "Persevere" veröffentlicht, von MISS MAY I-Sänger Levi Benton. "Everything" ist der erste Song, den die Band für das Album, das via Sharptone Records erscheinen wird, geschrieben hat. 

Colton Ulery (Gesang) kommentiert: "This is the first song we wrote for the album. I‘ve been stoked on it since day one. When we found out Levi was down to co-op on it, we knew it was gonna be something even more special than originally. This song hits home for me and I hope it finds anybody who has ever found themselves in a toxic relationship. We‘re gonna be playing this song every night of our upcoming tour with Settle Your Scores and Telltale m/, so we hope to see you all soon."
Levi Benton fügt hinzu: "I am so excited to be a part of SINK THE SHIP's debut album. I have been hearing about them for some time now and when they asked me to do a track I couldn‘t miss out. Not only are we label-mates, but they are Ohio boys too. We have to stick together and what better way than to contribute to their album and on such a great track. Being a part of the video was the best part because we actually got to hang out and talk about being musicians in Ohio. This record is nothing but diverse and creative and I am happy to see Sink The Ship keeping Ohio on the map!"