SKYFORGER posten zweiten ‘Kurbads’ Song auf MySpace



SKYFORGER sind up and ready ihr neuestes Album “Kurbads” unter die Menschheit zu bringen!

Clickt mal auf die MySpace Seite der Band und checkt mit "In The Underworld" einen neuen Song an!

SKYFORGER Leadsänger und Gitarrist Peter führt aus: “The tale of Kurbads is a collection of stories and legends recorded near the end of the 19th century by folk enthusiasts. Usually, they were short or medium in length and had many variations. The main theme found in all of them, however, is that of a man who fights against mythical evil forces and, by defeating them, becomes a hero. I think that the tale of Kurbads is interesting because it uncovers many things from Latvia's past, not just historical facts of course, but aspects of daily life and people's ways of thinking who lived in ancient times. Baltic cultural heritage is mostly unknown to Europe and even more so to the rest of the world. So we wanted to reveal some parts of it, and also show that, in Baltic literature, there are great legends and tales just as those about Cuchulainn, Nibelungs, Kalevala, King Arthur and the knights of the round table, and more!”