SLEEP WALKER - Video zu "Alias"



Jake Impellizzeri, Jason Caudill, Hunter Courtright, Frankie Mish und Aaron Lutas sind SLEEP WALKER. Die Metalband aus Michigan hat ihr neues Album "Alias" gestern, am 23. Juli via UNFD veroeffentlicht und stellt unten mit dem Titelsong eine weitere Singleauskopplung daraus vor. Mish kommentiert:

"'Alias' is the final piece of the album. It's the culmination of years of work from us, and concepts that have slowly been building since the beginning of the band. We specifically wanted this song to hit all the points on this album and really show the evolution. By the time you get to 'Distance,' the final song, you've come full circle and really feel the journey and full breath of the songs"