SLOWLY SLOWLY - stellen neue Single "Creature Of Habit Pt. 2" vor




Mit "Creature Of Habit Pt. 2" stellen die Poppunks von SLOWLY, SLOWLY eine neue Single inklusive Videoclip vor. Den Song kommentiert Saenger Ben Stewart wie folgt:

"I started analysing my own behaviour after releasing St. Leonards as I honestly wanted to change my mental processes towards being creative – I always thought I had to earn it by punishing myself mentally. Throughout this period I started to trust my instincts a little more and back my gut feelings. 

I’ve usually been someone who constantly looks outward for feedback, I assumed everyone else knew better. I guess this song is a bit of a gee-up for Slowly Slowly. I wrote it to signify us stepping into our own. The line ‘olly olly oxen free’ refers to when the game has been won/is over and it signifies to everyone to come out of hiding. This sums up where I am mentally at the moment, I’m so proud of this band, thankful for our fans and excited about the future."