SLOWLY SLOWLY - weitere neue Single "Race Car Blues" im Stream



Die Australier von SLOWLY SLOWLY kuendigen ihr neues Album "Race Car Blues", welches am 28. Februar via UNFD erscheint. Anbei stellt die Alternativeband bereits den Titelsong im Stream vor. Fromtmann Ben Stewart erklaert: 

"For me, 'Race Car Blues' (album) feels like not being a victim anymore, in any sense of it, and really taking responsibility. You realise as you get to your late 20s, no one’s going to fix you, no one gives a fuck, the world keeps turning and everyone’s on their own trajectories. If you’re not looking out for yourself, you’ll just get left behind or fall by the wayside, you'll wake up and all of those dreams you had don’t get actualised. For me, it was about knuckling down and asking myself, “what’s important to me?”. If being a good, honest songwriter was important to me, I’m obviously going to be a lot better at that if I’m a happier person in myself, and confident. It was about creating an environment where I could do that".