SOIL - Ab ins Studio



SOIL Gitarrist Shaun Glass hat folgendes Update veröffentlicht:

"Well, we're pretty much done touring after 13 months for 'True Self'. We finally all agreed we have done all we can on the touring front for this album (STAIND world tour, main stage at Download 2006, GODSMACK, SEVENDUST, True Rock European tour, U.S. True Rock tour and wrapping up with HELLYEAH etc. etc.). We have now begun writing for the new SOIL album and it feels fucking great, so all you junkies will have to wait a bit to see us live. Like you aint seen enough of us already the last two years, HAHA! But yes, we're glad to be creating music again, and all I can say, judging from the music we have already, this shit is gonna ROCK!!!"