SONIC YOUTH arbeiten an neuem Album



New Yorks SONIC YOUTH haben mit den Arbeiten an einem neuen Album begonneun und werden, nachdem man den Vertrag mit Geffen mit dem letzten Album erfüllt hat, wieder auf ein Indie Label zurückkehren. Moore hierzu gegenüber Rolling Stone:

“There’s one label we are certainly going to go with at this point,” he says. “But I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose that right now. I don’t want to risk having a shit storm. I’ve written a half-dozen song ideas. I try not to complete them so much. Last time we got together, we were creating sort of new band-zone-vibe sort of things. It feels great The last four or five records we did were just so compromised by that [major label] situation. But that’s the way it goes."