SPEAK LOW IF YOU SPEAK LOVE - Songpremiere zu "Contrasting Colors"



Mit "Contrasting Colors" gibt es anbei einen neuen Song des Bandprojektes SPEAK LOW IF YOU SPEAK LOVE von Ryan Scot Graham (Basser der STATE CHAMPS) im Stream zu hoeren. Der Titel entstammt dem kommenden zweiten Studioalbum "Nearsighted", welches am 19. Januar via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Graham zum Track:
"Contrasting Colors is a song about one thousand realisations in one: Realising you and the person that you fell in love with lead completely different lives, realising that you've been holding tightly to something that doesn't actually make sense in the end, realising that your intentions became motivated by something you can't explain. But most of all it's about accepting whatever outcome you're given"