STATUES ON FIRE - Video zu "Letter To You"



Der Song "Letter to You" entstammt dem im letzten Jahr erschienenen Album "Living in Darkness", welches die brasilianische Hardcore/Punkband STATUES ON FIRE via Rookie/Indigo/The Orchard veroeffentlichten. Der Song ist nicht unbedingt ein Massstab fuer den Sound der Band - Sänger André kommentiert:

"Letter to You" is the first song of side B of the new record "Living in Darkness" and it's there for a reason. Since the CD format came into the market, bands and labels have different ways to set the order of the songs... anyway, it's basically on vinyl this record (also digital but...).
When you flip the record, after the last song on side A, "Rescue Me", a very fast one, you have a chill song named "Letter to You", and it's sort of way, pretty thoughtful and with sad lyrics.
"Letter to You" is pretty much about an abusive family/kid relationship", too much pressure, misguided love and the way out of this."