STEVE WAITT - erster neuer Song von "Another Day Blown Bright" online



Mit “July“ stellt der New Yorker Songwriter STEVE WAITT eine erste Single aus seinem kommenden Album "Another Day Blown Bright" vor. Die Platte erscheint am 23. August via Make My Day Records. Anbei gibt es den Lyrikvideoclip zum Track - zum Album selbst sagt WAITT:
"This album covers a lot of ground. It's a collection of the best songs we wrote over the last 2-3 years. A few of the songs we've played on tours already, but most of them, no one has heard yet. For the subject matter, I didn't want it to just be about living in NYC. I wanted to talk about the people I've met during our travels and to also look back to where I grew up. I started touring when I was a teenager and have never stopped moving. This album was about where I am now, but also a return to where I grew up in the South West. ..."