STRAYLIGHT RUNs John hat ein längeres Update gepostet:

"Some of you may have noticed that I've not written much online lately. To be honest I've been too completely overwhelmed and beaten by what's been happening with our band for the past six months to say anything constructive or reasonable to you. But these days I feel that in some sense I'm coming out of the other side of a dark tunnel and that I can finally start to reflect on what's gone on.

With this latest album I had known from the start that we were taking a chance. We had decided to make an album ourselves and do it without regard for what anyone wanted to hear but us. Despite the fact that every band says that this is what they routinely do, anyone who's really being honest will tell you that a lot of bands don't truly attempt this. And those that do attempt this have about a 90% rate of commercial failure. But this time around we worked to do things for ourselves despite the potential commercial consequences and we were happy with the results. After completing the album we were faced with a choice: do we put this album out ourselves in the d.i.y. spirit that it was recorded in, risking the possibility of no one even knowing it's out? Or do we try to find someone who could possibly take our homemade album and put the muscle behind it that would be needed to get it out to the masses, risking the possibilitly that our career is being put in potentially untrustworthy hands? We obviously chose the latter. But it was a long and grueling process and we did not make that choice before I was overwhelmed with confusion and terror by both prospects.

The rest, as they say is history. Two weeks after our album was out I knew that Universal Republic had given up on it. It was clear that they had signed us thinking that we would be pretty self sufficient, that we would sell a decent amount of records based on our past success and they would have to do very little. When the first weeks records sales didn't match what they had projected they were done with us. Unfortunately we had thought that if things didn't take off from the start it was reasonable to think they'd stick with us at least for a little while and try to help push things forward. It was a sad and gut wrenching mistake on our part.

The entire process of recording our album and making the decision of where to take it took a lot out of me, but standing by helplessly and watching the record that we were so proud of just get tossed aside and never given a chance was devastating for me. It was too much.

So here we are now. I'm writing to tell you what's happened and how I felt because I think that there are still people who care to know. I'm writing now because throughout that whole experience I was overwhelmed. For me there were no words I could say while it was happening, it had to be processed and pushed through before I could say anything to you. I can see now how things will be ok. Our band will move on and we will be more grateful than ever to those of you who've stuck with us along the way. Thank you for listening. I hope you all have a happy christmas and a happy new year.