SUNSLEEPER - neuer Videoclip zum Albumrelease




Ab heute ist  "You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back", das neue Album der Emorockband SUNSLEEPER via Rude Records zu haben. Die Band aus Salt Lake City arbeitete fuer die Platte mit Nathan Hussey von All Get Out zusammen und stellt zum Release unten einen Videoclip zur Single "Better Now" vor.

Frontmann Jeffery Mudgett kommentiert:

“It’s easily one of the most upbeat sounding songs I’ve ever written, though lyrically it leans back towards our despondent comfort zone” he continues “This song again details the duality of my headspace. On one hand I’m feeling guilty about taking forever to propose to my wife, delaying our future with my financial and emotional baggage, etc., but on the other hand I know those things are miniscule in comparison to the happiness we bring to each other. I like to think this song too has a feeling of hopefulness to it as well”