SWEDISH DEATH CANDY - Video zu "Last Dream"



Die Briten von SWEDISH DEATH CANDY ihrem selbstbetitelten Debutalbum, welches am 10. November via Hassle Records erscheint, einen ersten Vorabeindruck voraus. Unten stellt die Psychrock-/Alternativeband den Song "Last Dream" inklusive Videoclip vor.

Frontman Louis Perry kommentiert die Single:

"The track is about trying to move on/move away from stuff that's negative/toxic. But it's also about the alluring nature of these things. It's also about how time fades when you're stuck in a particular mindset or relationship or state. Lastly, it's obviously about dreams; recurring dreams, and dreams that remind you of the past. It's not all negative though, it's also about how these experiences can be fun in the moment"