SWINGIN UTTERS - erster neuer Song im Stream



SWINGIN' UTTERS feierten im letzten Jahr ihr 30-jähriges Jubiläum und verkuenden nun das Release ihres neuen Albums "Love And Peace". Die Platte erscheint am 31. August via Fat Wreck Chords - mit "Human Potential" stellt die Band um Frontmann Johnny Bonnel einen ersten Song der Platte vor, die zusammen mit Chris Dugan (Green Day) aufgenommen wurde. Auf dem Album sind erstmals Tony Teixeira am Bass und Luke Ray am Schlagzeug (beide Ex-COBRA SKULLS) zu hoeren. 
Bonnel zur Platte:
"The album art was inspired by Luke and Tony. The recording process was so rad! There was no negative attitude and we were all kind of giddy with nervous energy. Around the corner from the Nu-Tone studios was a Mexican market that Tony and Luke bought two ceramic gorillas eating bananas with smiles on their faces. I thought it summed up everything about this record so I got to work on drawing these two buds. I believe the ceramic gorillas’ new home is at Nu-Tone! I, also, believe you can hear the love put into this album and it just makes me more excited to record more!"


Zum Status der Band nach dem Jubilaeum sagt Darius Koski, Gitarrist der Punkband aus San Francisco:

“We just keep on going. I’m glad we’re still doing it. Johnny’s 50; I’m in my late 40s. I don’t think anything particularly new is gonna happen—we’re not gonna be on TRL any time soon. That’s fine. It’s a total accomplishment to stay together this long, but I’m a total pessimist. I should be totally grateful—and I am! But it’s hard to be a plumber when you wanna be a full-time musician. But wah wah wah—I still get paid to travel and play my songs all over the world. I’m not a millionaire, but who cares? I get to make records, and someone out there cares about them.”