SYLAR - LINKIN PARK-Cover gegen Spende



Aus aktuellem traurigen Anlass covern SYLAR den Song “Points of Authority” von LINKIN PARK - und spenden 100% der Erloese an NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness). Den Track gibt es HIER zu hoeren bzw. zu kaufen.

Frontmann Jayden Panesso, musikalisch schwer beeinflusst von LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington, erklaert:

It's hard to even type these words right now - Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington. This is the first time where the passing from someone I didn't know personally has hit me so hard. Linkin Park was that band I always used as an escape from reality. Their lyrics and music have always resonated strongly in my life. When I found out about Chester's passing - I was immediately sick to my stomach. It's really crazy when you look up to someone for over 16 years and then this happens. All I can say is, I'm thankful for Chester, I'm thankful for all those words and melodies he shared with the world because I know for a fact, him and the rest of Linkin Park have touched millions and millions of hearts. Although I do feel like a massive part of my teenage years was taken away - his music and legacy will live on forever. Much respect and love to Chester's family, and the rest of Linkin Park. You're already SO missed”.