SYLOSIS - im Studio



Die britischen Modern Thrasher SYLOSIS haben vergangenen Freitag mit den Aufnahmen des Nachfolger ihres 2008er Debüts „Conclusion Of An Age“ begonnen.

Wieder arbeitet die Band mit Scott Atkins, der auch schon beim Vorgänger produzierenderweise Hand anlegte.

Bandkopf Josh Middleton dazu: "We're ridiculously excited about starting work on the next album. We're definitely progressing as a band, incorporating some new influences to make an album that's more mature, darker and generally a lot heavier. I've been writing riffs thinking things like „what if (TOOL guitarist) Adam Jones played guitar in DEATH“ haha. The songs are a little longer this time around and a bit more complex and technical which is something that's just happened naturally.

We're just about to start tracking the drums for ten days with producer Scott Atkins. We contemplated using other producers but we all really enjoyed working with Scott and we were really happy with the production on the last album. He really pushes for tightness and understands where we're coming from musically. In terms of the production, this time we're going to aim for a much more organic, raw sound. Rob 's really progressed as a drummer in the last year so I can't wait to hear him lay this stuff down in the studio. Once the drums are complete we head off on tour with DRAGONFORCE so we wont end up recording the guitars, bass and vocals etc until January.“