TEAMKILLER - Neue Songs online



TEAMKILLER haben zwei neue Songs ihrer bis dato noch unbenannten EP online gestellt, welche noch dieses Jahr erscheinen soll. Checkt "Nightcrawler" und "Spiritual Relief" HIER.

Hier dias Statement der Band:

"We know it's been quite some time since you've last heard from us, but the progression Teamkiller has gone through demanded a lot of patience from both, you and ourselves. However we're now at a point where we feel it's time to step up and let you in on what this band is all about.

Still working on our full length record we decided to put out an MCD | EP before to reduce and sweeten the long wait! From this upcoming release we uploaded an exclusive song to our myspace site. It's called "Nightcrawler" and embodies very much of the spirit which surrounds this band. Post us a comment and let us know if you can feel where we're coming from!

In addition to that we decided to redesign our myspace with the help of our friend Vuki (Mediadesign-AV), who did a great job, so you will have something nice to look at when you keep coming back for more detailed news about the MCD | EP which will be released within the next months.

Teamkiller 2009 - No More Delusions."