TELLTALE - neuer Song "Won't Be Me"



TELLTALE stammen aus Richmond, Virginia und spielen eine Mischung aus Poppunk und Indierock. Anbei stellt die Band um John CarterBryce Marshall (Gitarre), Tim Fogg (Bass) und Drummer Travis Slack mit "Won't Be Me" ihre neue Single vor, die via Sharptone Records erhaeltlich ist. 

Frontmann Carter kommentiert: 

“‘Won’t Be Me’ was the first song we wrote before going into the studio to track “Timeless Youth.” I started with just me and an acoustic guitar handed down from my father, sitting on my bed, with the world closing inI was scared to ask for help, to let anyone else in on the war raging in my head and to confront the truth of my bipolar and anxiety disorders. But more than anything, I was angry. Angry at how I affected my loved ones, that I couldn’t bring myself to tell them why I was distant, inconsistent and why I always found myself alone in my room trying to make the noise stop. 

If this sounds familiar, then this should be a resounding voice that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It’s hard for me to tell people that it’s okay to ask for help, when I myself found it so difficult for so long, but it’s the truth. There’s no reason to be scared of seeking resources, telling friends and family, or taking charge of the internal dialogue that weighs you down. Maybe not everyone will listen, but you would be amazed how many ears will. Below are some incredible resources if you feel there is no where to turn. It gets better."