TERROR - Scott Vogel zur REFUSED-Reunion



TERRORs Scott Vogel hat sich auf der Bühne des Groezrock Festivals kritisch zur REFUSED Reunion geäußert. Ihr findet seine Aussage sowie ein entsprechendes Video hierzu nachfolgend:

"A lot of bands that come around, they do their thing, they tell you how much they care, they write their songs, they write their lyrics, [and a] couple of years later, they disappear.They disappear, they don’t go to shows, they don’t support new bands, they don’t buy demos, they don’t give a fuck about me or you. But for some reason, we give them the mighty dollar to come back and play for us, a fake shell of what they once were. And yes, I’m talking about Refused. If you wanna support Refused, that’s up to you, but I don’t support that shit!"