THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES – Van und Trailer gestohlen



THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES wurde in Seattle vergangenes Wochenende Van und Trailer gestohlen. Hier das Statement der Band:

"I guess it happens to every band at some point. Our van and trailer were stolen from the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle at some point between the afternoon of Saturday the 13th and the evening of Sunday the 14th. The good news is that none of our equipment was inside of it at the time. The bad news is that we're not insured for theft. So if anyone happens to see a 15-passenger dark gray Ford van with a two-axle trailer attached and some meth-heads cooking up drugs in the back, be sure to let us or the police know. Strangely enough, we were getting ready to take it in for repairs because we couldn't get the damn thing to start. Hopefully whoever solved that problem in the process of stealing it will also fix the leaking radiator."