THE ACADEMY IS... - Line-Up Veränderungen



THE ACADEMY IS... haben verkündet, das Andy Mrotek und Michael Guy Chislett die Band verlassen haben. Die Band hierzu:

Time is a funny thing. It seems to pick and choose the speed at which it passes without regard for its passengers. Through all that whirling time, things change. The arts change, fashions change, tastes change, hearts change, moods change, minds change, people chane, roads change. At some point in time, every road finds itself branching out in different directions. TAI has reached that point. As difficult as it is to let go, Andy Mrotek and Michael Guy Chislett are parting ways with The Academy Is... We feel that this is the right choice for all involved to embrace the changes, new hopes and desires that have individually taken hold...

Einen neuen Demosong namens "Chicago" könnt ihr HIER hören.