THE ATARIS - neue EP im Stream



THE ATARIS um Frontmann Kris Roe streamen ihre neue EP "Octiber In This Railroad Earth", die unten angehoert werden kann. Im Sommer geht die Poppunkband auf US-Tour - weitere Album- oder Liveplaene sind nicht bekannt. Zum Release ueber ihre Bandcamp-Seite aeussert sich die Band wie folgt:

"These are a few ideas that sort of fell to the wayside over the years.
Ones that no one has ever heard before but we felt really should see the light of day.
So we got this idea, Why not go in to Flying Blanket where we’ve been recording the new album and record some of these old song ideas using the same solid sounding vintage tones and the warmth of analog tape.
All of the basic tracks were recorded live in one take with minimal overdubs.
Recorded in two days and mixed in two more.
It was a lot of fun! This is the end result."