THE BANNER arbeiten an neuem Album



Ferret Act THE BANNE arbeiten derzeit an ihrem nächsten Studioalbum namens "Frailty". Folgendes Update hat man hierzu veröffentlicht:

"This new record will, in the tradition of The Banner records, be slightly different from 'Each Breath Haunted' and the other three records previous. This record is definitely taking from the previous records and fusing them more than we did with 'Each Breath Haunted.'

This record will be heavier than the other records, we're telling you now! We know a lot of you love the original EP ('Posthumous'), shit we loved it also, so we have in fact decided that this record we're going to a, what we feel a heavier tuning for the songs. Will we still be playing the songs from the other records? Of course, were upgrading them slightly so everything sounds awesome and can be played together when we eventually start playing these live.

I know how this might sound to some of you and how it might be scary to some of you, but if you're a fan of the band, please trust us."