THE BOTTOM LINE - Video zu "In Your Memory"



Das neue Album "No Vacation" der Briten von THE BOTTOM LINE erscheint am 21. Juni via Marshall Records. Vorab stellen die Jungs mit "In Your Memory" einen neuen Song der Platte inklusive Videoclip vor. Die Popunkband kommentiert: 

“As a band we've had a minor tour bus crash, escaped a hurricane which left a city 10 feet underwater and broken down in the Nevada Desert, 100 miles out of Vegas. 'In Your Memory' is absolutely a celebration of how far we’ve come as a band, but it’s also a reminder to each of us to appreciate how we got here and what we went through. I guess the lyric ‘Here’s a toast to all the times / barely made it out alive’ sums up this song (and us as a band) perfectly!"