THE BOTTOM LINE - im Mai auf Deutschlandtour



THE BOTTOM LINE kommen nach ihrer Suporttour fuer ZEBRAHEAD zurueck nach Deutschland. Fuer Mai 2020 bestaetigt die britischen Poppunkband fuenf Termine. Bassist Max Ellis kommentiert:

 "‘What’s up Germany! We are so stoked to get back out to see you all. We had an amazing time with Zebrahead across Europe & Germany was an insane highlight playing in some towns we’d never even heard of! We’re coming back on our own headline in May, and going to play some of our favourite places from that tour. We want to see as many of you back bouncing and singing along as loud as before“





May 12th @ Schlachthof (Wiesbaden, DE)
May 13th @ Folks! Club (Munich, DE)
May 14th @ MTC (Cologne, DE)
May 15th @ Headcrash (Hamburg, DE)
May 16th @ Maze (Berlin, DE)