THE BOUNCING SOULS - "Volume 2" - "Reimagined Songs" im Oktober



Die BOUNCING SOULS kuendigen ein Album mit neu aufgenommenem Material an. Am 23. Oktober erscheint "Volume 2" via Pure Noise Records. Die neue Versionen entstanden zusammen mit Produzent Will Yip (The Menzingers, Title Fight, Tigers Jaw). Anbei stellt die Band aus New Jersey bereits eine alternative Version ihres Songs "Ghosts On The Boardwalk" vor. Die Band kommentiert:

“We initially wanted to recreate some of the stripped-down vibe of the acoustic sets, but if anything, these versions are much more involved than the original versions. The first day we got to the studio Will said something like ‘we’re not gonna just make an acoustic record, right guys?’ We were like ‘hell no’ and then we were off to the races.

Many of the songs we recorded have been around for twenty years or more and we’ve played them thousands of times. It was really satisfying to bring 30 years of experience to these recordings. We knew the songs inside and out so it was fun to stretch them out a bit and see what happened"